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Our Services in Hertfordshire: Comprehensive Estate Planning

It is never too early to set your affairs in order and protect your family.

With London Will Writing, we can cover a wide range of services including:

  • Estate planning & will writing

  • Power of attorney

  • Family Asset Trust

  • Long term care

  • Discretionary trusts

We provide the full expertise and industry knowledge you need to ensure that your assets are properly protected after you have gone. Whether you simply need a will written or your needs are more complex, we can guide you.

Complete Estate Planning

We have expertise across all areas of estate planning, from will writing to trusts. Our advice and consultations can cover home owner protection plans, estate preservation, living wills, transfer of title, and much more. If you have assets to dispose of, we can help you manage them in the way that is most appropriate to your circumstances.

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Since 2007 our company values have enabled us to help thousands of people like you to

protect what is most precious to them.

Will Writing Across London

The last thing you want is for your loved ones to deal with added unnecessary stress and suffering in the wake of a death in the family. For will writing, we will offer tailored advice to every person based on our years of experience in writing wills. We will undertake a free consultation in the comfort of your home in Hertfordshire, and with 17 years in the business, we understand the uniqueness of each situation.

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If you would like to grant power of attorney to a member of your family, we can help you with the process. In the case that you were incapacitated, whether being taken ill or by an accident, without a named person having power of attorney, then matters regarding your estate would be significantly complicated. We can advise you on the details of granting power of attorney.

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Family Asset Trust

With family asset trust services in Hertfordshire, we can help you protect your assets and ensure the value of your assets is not threatened. Family asset protection avoids the need for a lengthy probate process for your loved ones, as well as lowering care fees and granting numerous tax benefits. They are all but impervious to any claims in most cases, too, ensuring your assets end up in the right place.

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Get in Touch

To find out how we can help you with will writing services in Hertfordshire, get in touch today. We have vast experience arranging estate planning for a huge range of people and situations. If you need a will written quickly, or you want to grant more complete protection to your assets, we can advise you on the best steps.


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